I spontaneously decided to bake a cake the other day. When I mentioned it to Ken we got in a big dispute because he doesn't think Brownies is a cake! It's definitely a cake right?! I mean, what else could it possibly be. It's forever been a cake.

It was a little hard, but pretty delicious none the less. I ate (almost all of) it while reading so it was a perfect afternoon.

Today I have been for a hike with the dogs, they are so happy and tired. My neighbors are having a kids party and balloons keep floating over the fence and landing in our garden. I kind of want to crash the party, it sounds like they are having fun! I'm keeping the balloons, of course.

My weekly goal of meditating five times this week is going well. I only have to do it one more time to reach my goal.

Happy weekend everyone <3 You are beautiful!