Come Fall

As I am feeling the new coolness in the air and think about summer leaving and fall approaching I can't help but wonder how to spend my winter in the most comfortable and cosy fashion. I've already started looking up coats and boots and I'm finding my old coats and boots too. Although it's technically still summer it sure doesn't feel like it. I usually resent the end of summer because I love spring and summer so much. This time I'm going to enjoy fall, enjoy the coats and big sweaters and hot chocolate.

The strange thing about Irish fall is that nature rarely turn red, yellow and orange. It is extremely discouraging when you try to appreciate fall. The grass here just turns to more of a dull colour of green and all the trees just die without changing colours. I haven't seen fall here yet, on this east countryside, but the rest of Ireland has yet to impress me when it comes to fall.

I'm going to focus on writing, reading, warm tea and big scarfs so for the first time I will embrace fall like never before.

There will very soon be a beginning of fall giveaway on the blog. I'm so excited for this one, I think you will love it! Stay tuned to find out what it is.