Intrior Tuesday - Doggy Special

In this post I will talk about Holly's bed and the little accessory that I use for her poop bags. I've said it before, there is no reason that just because you have a dog you should compromise the look of your home. My goal is for Holly's things to add to the look of my home, not take anything away. These two items I really feel like work for that purpose.

This poop bag dispenser is super cute! Ideally I would hang it on the leash, right where your hand is, but I often hang it on my zipper on my pocket or somewhere else on my clothes. It's so handy and it's pretty too.

When I decided to get Holly I started to research dog beds straight away, it's the sort of thing you need, obviously. I found it so hard to find a nice one that wasn't completely synthetic. This one is made from wool, it's soft and machine washable. Still when I look at beds I never see one even similar to this one. I'm so glad I found it. It arrived only one day before I picked Holly up and Holly took to it straight away, even other dogs tend to really like it. It's really pretty and definitely goes great with my house, style and taste. I got it in size small which I thought was really big to be a small so keep that in mind if you are interested in buying it.

Dog bag Dispenser: Trixie

Dog Bed: Bronte Glen