Lemonade, Sun and a book

I adore our garden. It's not a perfect garden or anything, but the fact that we have our own little outside space to do as we please is heaven. Right now we have a very basic table, chairs and a bench that came with the house, but I hope to get a sun chair and some nicer furniture at some point. I like doing yoga on our little patio or sit on the step and read with some lemonade and chocolate.

My cute and amazing book mark is from Bukowski Design Sweden. I couldn't find the exact bookmark, but you can find a similar one here.

I just finished the book 'The Power of Now'. It kept coming up all the time when I looked in stores or on Amazon.co.uk and it's been read by so many and usually has great reviews. At some point I spotted it in Mandy's shelf and I asked to borrow it. It was the perfect opportunity to satisfy my curiosity for the book without having to pay for it.

I'm really glad I read it. I feel like it should be one of those books that every child has to read in school. It's a great book that tends to lead to a more peaceful joyous life which I will always want for myself and others. He put words on a lot of things I didn't feel like I could explain before. I would recommend it to anyone!