Life is a beach

I took these pictures a little while ago, but I decided to include them in today's post anyway. It looks nothing like that right now. It's windy, rainy and gray all over. I really miss the sun because I feel like it gives me so much positivity and energy while all this is just a little too dark and meh.. At least I can look at some photos and remember what it was all like because with all this funky weather I almost feel like I'm about to forget.

The day when these were taken I remember walking about 4 kilometers up and down the coast because the tide was all out. It was such a nice experience and as you may know we haven't lived here that long yet so it's nice to get to know my neighborhood and beach even further.

Is Holly the cutest or what? She enjoys the beach as much as I do. Even though I can't even walk on the beach at the moment I'm still so thankful that I get to live here. I simply can not wait for summer and do nothing but prance around in a bikini on the beach and go for swims. I'm also looking forward to see if I can get Holly to swim.

I finished reading 'To Kill A Mockingbird' yesterday and I can really see why it's one of the classics and so important to American culture. I am quite happy I read it now considering Harper Lee is set to release her new book in the middle of July. I was not at all ready to leave the universe when I put the book down. I just pre-ordered her new book 'Go Set a Watchman', you can do the same here.

I'm really looking forward to agility training tomorrow. It's always so fun! Then I'm going to the store to buy some fresh, delicious food and THEN weeeeeekend! <3 Talk to you tomorrow!