Recently the tide has been out on the beach I live by and I have been so surprised by how far I can actually walk. It was the perfect day to bring the camera with me as well. I feel like I see so much beauty when I go for walks with Holly which is usually more than once a day, but we walk for a good few kilometers and the camera is so heavy hanging on my neck. When I do bring it, I never regret it! Holly loves the beach with her entire heart and soul. She gets so excited. I often take her for a good long walk up a mountain and end the walk on the beach as a reward. She loves it! It's been fun to bring my mum recently to the beach as well. She has just been walking around collecting pretty shells, haha! It inspires me to collect shells on my own and decorate with them. I saw some places selling large jars and I could put some sand and large shells in there and use it as a decoration piece. I think that would look cool, what do you think yay or nay? I would, of course, do blog posts on what I did and how I did it if it turned out well. It's also nice in my opinion because it was made with ingredients taken from the beach where I live so it's extra personal and it's nice bringing a little bitta beach home.

I went into town today with my mum and spent some quality time shopping. We went into a second hand store and I found some real gems! Love when that happens! I also got some cute and cosy hanging-out-at-home-clothes. I never think to buy that so I'm really happy to have something new to wear at home.