Memory Monday

It's Monday today which means there is a new week. I'm really happy because my mum is here for another few days. It's been lovely having her here and I hope I get to go to Norway soon to see her and some more of my friends. I've seriously eaten so much candy the last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I'm looking forward to eat lots of fruit and healthy foods as well and actually feel fresh for a change! Sometimes it's almost nice to fall of the wagon because I look so much forward to a healthy lifestyle again.

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I'm still super happy in our new house. Holly is doing really well as well. She gets long walk every day which she appreciates so much. I can swear I see her smile sometimes! We have found a round to walk where we see cows, llamas, lambs, sheep and horses. It's like a big petting zoo, haha!

Happy week everyone <3