Memory Monday

How do you like my new headers on 'Everyday Life' and 'Dial EM for Fashion'?? I really like them, I'm so glad I changed them. I really disliked how my previous headers were somewhat blurry, it just doesn't look that good. This looks way better! The header here on 'Everyday Life' is such a feel good picture for me, it's such a happy memory from Albufeira in Portugal.

I'm so looking forward to a long shower and a brand new week right now. I have been very good at keeping up my exercise routine and I'm looking forward to continue that as well as spending time with my wonderful puppy and work on the blog. Ken and I will continue our house hunt as well, it has been amazing to leave the house hunt behind just for Valentines evening and we didn't talk much about it yesterday either. I feel slightly more energized to look now. I must have written and talked to around 45 places without luck. Even when we have gotten a viewing set up and ready we have showed up only to hear that the house went already or gotten an email saying the same thing. It's extremely hard, but I'm very hopeful and I'm looking forward to find a good place, I know we will. I just need to stay patient and positive which is much easier after two days of not spending hours upon hours searching, writing and talking about places. I feel refreshed and ready again now.

Wish us luck!!

This week I want to spend a little bit more time reading. I didn't read much last week because I was on the go the entire week. I really feel myself missing reading, it really makes me feel great! I also feel inspired to work more on the blog which is always the best feeling <3 Have a great week all my beautiful readers!