Failed Yoga Attempt..

My dad left today which is always sad. I've spent the day reading and eating!


Dad decided to try some yoga too, ha!

Christmas was a major success! Everything worked out really well and we relaxed a lot, but together so it was much nicer than average relaxing. I got such nice pressies! My dad came with me for one or two dog walks per day which was really nice. One of the days he brought his camera, it was the only day it wasn't pouring down like crazy! I always admire those Instagram posts of people doing yoga on the beach. They look so wonderfully serene, strong and beautiful so I decided to strike a yoga pose or two while my dad shot. I was happy with my poses and all, but I realized while looking at the photos how utterly ugly and unflattering my hoodie was in the photos. It ruined all the yoga photos! Lesson learned, next time I will wear something more yoga-y and tight to enhance my silhouette rather than looking like a slob doing slobby things. I wanted to look like an elegant, zen yogi doing elegant, zen yoga. I included one yoga photo, anyway. I thought I turned out somewhat decent, but not quite as pretty as I had imagined. I usually do yoga inside or sometimes in the garden so I was only doing poses for the photograph, I do have a neighbor who actually walks around the neighborhood doing yoga. He kind of does stops along his walk to do a pose or two and then keeps on walking to the beach where he does a few more poses. He's really good. It's nice to have a fellow yogi in the neighborhood. As you can see, my dad tried yoga too. I'm not sure what to call that pose.. I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually exist in the physical yoga practice, haha! Maybe we'll call it dad-pose.

Ken and I are minding Ali, the neighbor dog. She's going home tomorrow (I think) and I'm actually a bit sad about it. I hardly ever get attached to dogs, apart from Holly just because she's mine. I enjoy walking all dogs and I learn a lot from each individual dog as I have an interest for it, but I never get attached. Ali, I've gotten a little attached to! Unexpected twist to my story! Thankfully she is only four houses down the street, I see her almost every day. I think I might send the neighbors away again so we can keep her a little longer. I'll just shoo them off again, they'll have no choice. Ha! We are minding her again, one night, mid January, I have something nice to look forward to.