Christmas is here!!

The evening yesterday was a success!!

My dad got here safely, the food was delicious, the dogs were walked for two hours, I was on time with everything and the presents were awesome!!

I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas. Today has been amazing too. It felt soooo good to sleep and wake up when I wanted because I had nothing special on the agenda. It's pouring rain outside, I've still walked Holly and Alli, the dog Ken and I are minding, for over an hour, but no more! It's so crazy stormy and cold! Tonight Ken, dad and I are having the burgers they so much wanted on Christmas eve. I settled for making Turkey breast, vegetables, salad, boiled potatoes, sauce and garlic and cheese potatoes yesterday. It was really tasty. It's been such a relaxing day, exactly what I needed. I unfortunately didn't take any photos yesterday at all. You can follow me on Snapchat, my nickname there is lnmxxx to get a closer look. I'll make sure to take some more photos tomorrow. I'll throw a picture or two on my fashion blog about where it's all from. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas <3