One year with this crazy one

Today, one year ago, I picked Holly up and brought her home. I had met her about five days before, but she needed to get neutered and got an appointment to get neutered in the morning of the day I picked her up. It was so exciting to get a dog. I've never had one before, not even in my family or anything, so it was like a big leap for me.

She is just the coolest dog ever and I haven't regretted for a second getting her. We became so close so fast and we are pretty much inseparable. We keep each other active and make each others lives richer. I couldn't have asked for a better relationship with my dog. 

When Holly and I was out today in the pouring rain, but it's always worth it to be with her and walk with her. She is fearless and my biggest inspiration, she's also my most influential spiritual teacher.

Any person can get so much out of their relationship with their dog it's really what you make of it and the commitment you put in. If you treat them right and put in the time they will reward you with the precious gift; loyalty.