When in Ikea

It was my first trip to Ikea since moving in so there was a lot of small things needed that I all finally got. I got a toilet brush and bin, toothbrush holder and soap holder and a bathroom mat for our small bathroom. It was seriously about time. I also got pots and pans that was so needed as well as a whisk and mixing bowl and pots for my herb plants. It's mandatory to get candles and napkins when at Ikea, of course.

The more fun stuff is the sheep skin, clothes rack, hangers and the Manhattan poster featuring train and subway lines. It's so cool, I got really excited when I found it. It's going to suit the house so much.

We obviously had to have a meatball lunch as well, while there. I love going to Ikea it's always a great time. I had to show of some of my finds.