November Got Me Like

It's so freezing! Oh my god. Although I'm dreaming about summer already I kind of wish there will be snow this year. When I used to live in Norway, where is snows every year, I didn't like it at all, now as I live in Ireland where I haven't actually seen snow on the ground before I wish it would come.

We are planning on having a Christmas tree this year. It will be my first real Christmas tree on my own. I don't have a tree-carpet, tree holder, lights, decorations or a star for the top so I have to find all that as well. I have no experience so it will be fun.

I still pray for Paris and the world, I hope you do too. There is so much that scares me in the world and so many people in power that has bad intentions. But we must not forget that we all, as people of the planet, have power too, in our masses, to love one another and show that love is stronger than fear. From where I am at the moment I can do very little for the world, but I can be kind to my neighbors and call my family to tell them I appreciate them and make a small effort for someone in need.