My Dads Short Visit

Before Christmas my dad came to visit us in Ireland. It was a short stay, but I was so delighted to see him. I was so excited for him to meet Holly! No one has really met her yet. Holly and dad got on great it seemed. I knew they would like each other!

Considering Ken's mums birthday is in November and my dads birthday is in October Ken and I took them out for a combined birthday dinner. It was so lovely and one of the waitresses turned out to be super nice and had so many nice stories for us, she used to live in the U.S. which is something I would truly love. New York in particular. I ate so much I'm surprised I actually managed to walk out of the restaurant.

We also went for a good walk and went to Wexford town. It was also Hollys first town trip and she behaved exceptionally. I'm pretty sure she isn't afraid of anything at this point. The only thing she doesn't like is having a bath, but even that is approving majorly. She is a wonderful dog! We even took her to the book store cafe where she basically just fell asleep. She also tried out her new raincoat. Super cute! We stopped by the butcher and he gave us bones for the dogs which they were delighted about.