Memory Monday

You know the way I promised pictures from my new years eve and a longer blog post yesterday? Sorry.. Haha! Bare with me. Tomorrow! Tomorrow is not a word I like to use about the things I need to do, but that leads me to why I did not get to write a good long blog today and post pictures. Today turned out to be the day I did everything I haven't done, but needed to do for a while.

It all started with a crate. I really, really needed a crate for Holly and guess what? I was meeting up with my good friend, Fiona, two days ago day and I was talking about how I needed it and she told me she had one! One that was airline approved and the right size, literally exactly what I needed. She gave it to me for free which saved me so much money and hassle! Thank you Fiona! I can't believe how lucky I got! That's how it started because it needed a clean which took a while, but when I was finished cleaning I felt like I was just getting started to I decided to just continue so I cleaned the bathtub and the sink, then hand washed Ken's suit shirt, did laundry, finally folded a put away the old, dry laundry, unpacked my suitcase from Dublin (I always leave it for weeks when it comes to unpacking, so waiting just a day must be a record), wrote a Christmas card that has turned into a new years card to my aunt and I started the crate training with Holly after I dried the crate and put it together.

All of those things I have had to do for days, some of them weeks even, and just pushed it aside until today. I felt like once I started I couldn't stop so I prioritized that to blogging. For my lovely readers I apologize and beg for your understanding and forgiveness. It feels so great to have those things done, though! I feel like when I just get the old stuff done there will be room for new stuff which I am always excited for.

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