Change of Pace

Ken's friend, Eoin, came down from Greystones to visit us in Wexford for a few days. He's one of Kens closest friends so I've seen him quite often, now, however, I haven't seen him in months which is so weird. It's lovely to see him again! Besides it's fun to have a change of pace. Here on the country side the days seem to all look the same these days. Ken and I went to Wexford town to meet up with him when he came with the train. I brought Holly and we had a lovely browse through Wexford and grabbed some coffee at the bookstore which I love. They are so cool with me bringing Holly everywhere here, only few restaurants doesn't allow dogs. The Book Center in Wexford town is one of my favourite places in Wexford so I love that I can have coffee there and happily bring Holly. They also have the BEST books to browse. They always magically have all the books I ever look for. No other book store have that!