Happy 2015

I love new beginnings, fresh starts and goals so I naturally love New Years Eve. I am delighted about a brand new year for me to live, I'm looking forward to see what it holds.

At midnight everyone started grabbing pans and cutlery. Obviously I had to ask why, did they decide to cook at 11.53? Apparently there was first a countdown for midnight, then everyone greeted each other wishing each other a happy new year with hand shakes and hugs. THEN people started marching down the street yelling and clunking the cutlery and pans together. It was so weird and funny, it cracked me up so much, I even laugh just thinking about it, haha!! It's a pretty cute tradition!

I was a bit disappointed that I didn't see much fireworks. I associate fireworks to new years eve so much, but here, in Ireland, it's more normal to have fireworks on Halloween.

I am currently sitting in a bed in an attic with a ceiling window and I'm listening to the rain while blogging. Perfect way to start the new year if you ask me!

Pictures by  Ken Seiler

Pictures by Ken Seiler