Memory Wednesday I guess

The so often forgotten Memory Monday is Memory Wednesday this week. Haha!

I am almost finished packing for New York already. The reason for that is that Ken and I are spending the next few days in Dublin for the Dublin Fashion Festival. When we come back to Wexford there is only 2 days or so to we leave for our super trip. I washed all the clothes that needed washing because I won't have time to do that before I leave again and then I have everything sorted and I know to take different clothes with me to the Fashion Festival. I'm going to pack my mini suitcase for our days in Dublin which will be a challenge and a half even just for four days. I girl needs her stuff, alright? Other than that Ken and I have spent so much time preparing, packing tying up loose ends and booking the last bit of the trip, we hardly have any head space to do anything else, it's like a huge jigsaw. We keep forgetting about normal things like working out, getting dinner and Ken even forgot his cedit card in the bank today. After tonight, though, I will have everything sorted and be basically ready, really so then I can relax and enjoy the next month, haha!

I hope my beautiful readers are having the best week <3

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