Eating at Jamie Oliver's Diner

When we were in Piccadilly Circus we visited Jamie Oliver's Diner. It's a popup restaurant that has been there for over a year.

I've been a fan of Jamie Oliver for a while, especially after I got to know what he stands for food wise. To bring people awareness of what they actually eat seems to be what he is passionate about which I think is amazing considering we eat so much weird stuff. Most average foods even are filled with phony, synthetic ingredients and I think it's extremely harmful for your body if you are not careful. Jamie Oliver is all about spreading this message and I love that and think it's extremely important. I love that someone with power uses his voice for such good.

I have not a bad word to say about his diner either. The staff was lovely, the interior was so funny and nice and the food was perfect. I had a burger and sweet potato fries. I also had nachos for a starter. I would definitely recommend going if you have time in London!