The gorgeous wedding in Portugal

This was one of those five star nights that only come along every once and again. I had an amazing time from start to finish. The ceremony was gorgeous and I didn't even attempt to try to hold the tears when the bride came down the aisle. She looked so gorgeous!! Afterwards there were drinks and everyone greeted everyone and lots of photos and small talk was happening.

A little later we all sat by our tables and dinner was served. I was at the best table, I think I laughed non stop though the entire dinner!! We all bet how long the speeches were going to be and I won! I won 8 euro, haha! Everyone got a small envelope with a personal message. All the girls got one from the bride and all the boys got one from the groom. It was super sweet. Everyone also got scratching cards and I won 5 euros there too, it was well cool, I should make a business out of going to weddings because it seems to be a lot of profit in it.

There were free drinks the entire time and the wine was delicious!! The band that they hired was amazing as well and there was dancing all night.

It was such a wonderful wedding and I'm so excited for James and Ciara. Congrats <3

All pictures by Ken Seiler.

First dance

First dance