My Lisboa Experience Part 2

When I landed in Lisboa I knew it was the beginning of so many new sights, places, smells, people, tastes and everything. It put me right in a state of ecstasy and the first thing I did was to go into a back street with live music and had a black coffee. I just sat there looking around and listening to the Portugese language and enjoying the best coffee I've had in a loooong time. The Irish don't really do coffee like that, I had almost forgotten how great great coffee really is! I'm telling you, order black coffee anywhere in Portugal, it's just amazing!

The last few pictures are from the place where I sat with my coffee. I was literally sitting there just taking pictures of what's around me. Ken was reading facts about Lisbon and apparently it's older than Rome and has loooots of history that isn't that well known. If you visit, I'd suggest you read up on it. I just wish I had before I was there and not afterwards, I also wish I'd have more time there, but there was more towns and adventure awaiting.

At our last night in Lisbon we went up to a point pretty high up and watched the sunset. It was an unforgettable experience seeing Lisbon turn golden. There was also a live band there playing to people for free. They were amazing and made the experience even better.