Finally, a moment of peace

I've had such an amazing travel so far!! It's taken on my health to be on the go for that long. I have a cold already! Thankfully I have no fever (thank you, thank you, thank you universe or whoever), that would have knocked me right out, but I am so stuffy and my throat hurts. I haven't had a night with more than 6 hours of sleep since we left for our travel because there has been so much to see and so many people to meet. Sleep felt like a waste of time, but today I will actually have a few hours just to rest and take it easy. It will be the most amount of time I've spent in a comfortable seat and without a bra in over a week. When the bra comes off it's relaxation time to the fullest!

I won't have too much time for leisure because there is a million and one things I need to do, upload, write and so on with the blog. Thankfully I love doing the blog so much that it's fine!

Later today I will be on a plane ready to return to my beloved New York City. As always, I am excited and there is nothing New York can not cure so I know I will be healthy and happy when I get there!