My Lisboa Experience Part 1

Hi everyone! I am now in London after an amazing week of non stop unforgettable travel. This is the first place where I have a decent internet connection and I am really excited to get writing and uploading all the pictures I took.

Get excited because I have a loooot of pictures and stories to tell! When I photograph a city I try so hard to capture what it's really like. Like, I like going down back streets and city streets where there are apartments only and no statues or fancy stores because you get a feel of what the energy in the city is really like. Haha, I used 'like' so many times in the last sentences! I love seeing what the streets look like where they haven't tried to make it amazing or beautiful because they are usually beautiful anyway and you get an idea of their style and taste and what's practical to their climate.

I wish at times that I had a wide angle lens and I'm using a really old camera and I feel like I newer camera would capture colour better, but I do my very best. I'm probably my own worst critic, haha! I just want it to be perfect, that's all! Sometimes I use Ken's pictures if I didn't take any or they are of me, but this time all the pictures are mine. There will be some of Ken's pictures in other posts from the vacation, but they will be specifically credited. So all the pictures are mine unless stated otherwise.

I'm always trying to improve my photography so I enjoy long days in new cities a lot because I spend quite a lot of time photographing the things I really want to capture and find interesting.


I will tell you more about what it's like in Lisbon in part 2, but for now the pictures will have to tell their own stories. It feels amazing to be able to blog again! I will have a little bit of time to update my blog tomorrow as well before heading to New York. See you then <3