When Travel Ready

I took these pictures before we left Wexford. All my old suitcases were torn up, missing handles, missing dragging handle thingy and so on so a new suitcase was in order. I loooved this spunky one that I had my eyes of forever. Ken also has new suitcases which was pure serendipity. His previous carry on suitcase broke and the flight company had to pay for a new one as they were the ones who broke it. Much later, while browsing a suitcase store, Ken found a matching suitcase to his new one of a great discount! That was so lucky and cool!

As you may know Ken and I moved out of our city apartment recently and this is what my key chain currently look like. No house keys whatsoever, only suitcase keys, bank chip, my 'luck' key chain with a horse, my Vienna Stadthalle key chain from where I saw Muse in Vienna and last, but not least my half-a-heart key chain that says Ken. Ken has the other half that says Emily. Needless to say I was very ready for my travel.