That French Girl Vibe

There is something so undeniably cool about the fashionable french girl. While browsing Pinterest I thought I'd share some of my favourite pins. The french, both the real, cool city french and the stereotype bright soft, french inspire me so much both fashionwise and when it comes to interior. It all makes me just want to be french. 

This morning was so fresh and sunny so I decided to take Holly and Monty, a huge Great Dane that Ken and I are minding to the beach. Monty, who weighs about 70 kg from what I heard from his owners, decided to throw fits. He was terrified of the beach!! I bet you can only imagine me having a tug of war with a panic stricken beast like him. I brought him there thinking he would be really happy and excited to play on the beach. We got on the beach with only a minor panic fit and proceeded to walk onto the beach, when we were going to turn around to walk back he decided the water was even scarier than before and decided to try to pull me away from the beach and up the big rocks. There was no way back other than to pull him towards to water and my god, I'm so surprised the leash didn't snap (and that my arm is the same length as before!) Haha! He was pulling, panicking and his mouth started foaming. Holly has this thing where she tends to put scared, nervous and obnoxious dogs in their place. I learned this the very first time I brought her into the car to take her home after picking her up from the pound. Evie, Ken's mum's dog, was sitting in the boot and Holly and I got in the back seat. Evie wines and get stressed in the car so Holly went something like this: "rrrrrrrr yaw yaw yaw yaw" at Evie to shut her right up. It worked. I got some surprise because she has a really gravelly, strong bark for such a sweet, positive, young, big eyed, female puppy. She really gets to say what needs to be said. Of course, while on the beach, Monty was freaking out with his petty panic attack Holly decided something needed to be done so she decided to put Monty right in his place for being so silly. So there I was on the beach with a panicked Great Dane and a furious Terrier pulling them along like a crazy person. It was not my most successful dog-walk, but it was a pretty funny one anyway. And all that before breakfast!

I didn't feel very chic or french in the heat of that moment, I can tell you that much. I wasn't sure if I would laugh or cry, I ended up laughing quite a lot. I'm currently about to head out for a run and a shower before Monty's owner picks him up a little later.