Memory Monday

Hello beautiful people!

You may have thought I forgot about about Memory Monday today, but worry not! I remembered!

Normally every Sunday Ken, Mandy and myself have gotten chipper food, but every time we've had it, at least two of us have struggled with stomach aches and such later so this Sunday I was going to have homemade burgers, fries and burger buns. Yesterday we were tired and we had a huge lunch so we decided to make burgers today instead. So now I'm just finished eating the delicious (if I may say so myself) burger meal. If you want to give it a try you can find all the recipes here.

We have a deal here. I cook and Mandy and Ken does the dishes, it suits me very well to be honest! So now I'm blogging while they are dishing. Afterwards we are all seeing Spider-Man, I think!

I hope you are all enjoying your fresh start of the week. We should all set a goal this week. Mine will be to run 5 times and not eat sugar before Saturday. What's yours?

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