Night Time

The night time goes all pretty on yo ass here in Wexford, baha! I can't believe I wrote that. It was especially nice yesterday because it was raining and it was all beautiful!

Today I'm making some salmon and sweet potato wedges for dinner. I'm excited already. Salmon is pretty expensive here, while in Norway 4 nice salmon fillets costs 4 euro here in Ireland 2 tiny salmon fillets (170 gr.) are about 7 euro in Tesco (basically the same as Rema 1000 in Norway). Cray! However, if you go to fish shops 3 fillets are around 9 euro and I thought that was quite a lot, but the sizes of the fillets are heavenly, almost too big! One fillet was 210 gr. so I was very pleasantly surprised! As you may know salmon one of my absolute favourite dinners so it's important! Haha, I hope you aren't completely bored with my salmon and salmon prices rant!

I better go and peel those sweet potatoes. After dinner we are watching Spiderman 2 so I want to eat as early as possible because I thought it was such a good movie and I wanna watch it again asap! Jamie Foxx is amazing in it. He was amazing in Django as well and everything else I've seen him in, I'm starting to think he can do anything!