I'm sorry for not blogging yesterday. Believe it or not I actually worked on the blog for so long I just didn't write anything because I got short on time. Ken, Mandy and myself went to see Gardians of the Galaxy yesterday. It was such a funny movie, I enjoyed their humor so much! Definitely catch it if you can! I also wore makeup for the first time in over a week yesterday. It was nice, haha!

I enjoy the garden here a lot, I think it's really pretty and I spot little things to photograph so often! It's nice and quiet. Considering I'm running and walking and yogaing plenty I feel like I kind of get a lot of energy out which makes it easier for me to be OK with the country side even though I miss the city. The temperature has finally dropped now too which was nice. It rained and everything, it was actually kind of cold. Yesterday is was handy that it was cold because I got to wear my brand new jacket for the first time, it's so pretty and it makes me so excited! I'll be having a blog on it soon.

I ate sugar again yesterday for the first time in two weeks! It was nice, but too sweet. I really enjoyed my 85% cocoa chocolate and if I wanted to be crazy I enjoyed the 70% cocoa, haha! It was sweet enough, very enjoyable all together!