Evie is looking super cute as usual soaking up the sun. Today there is a BBQ here with Mandy's friends and their kids. While tagging along for the BBQ shopping I found burger sauce. You may think that it's a weird thing to point out, but here in Ireland you get ketchup and mustard on your hotdog and ketchup and mayonnaise for your burger. All I want it hotdog dressing and burger sauce like you get in Norway. The fact that I actually found burger sauce is a big win!


I slept in big time today and I had chocolate for breakfast in bed while listening to Nina Simone and reading my book. Heavenly! When I got out of bed and out of the room I trip over a ball, as usual, that Evie had left there for me. She's very kind to share all her toys with me. She's always so happy to see me too, her tail wags so much her entire body wiggles! Sometimes I mock her and wiggle my body too, haha! I think it's great, but she doesn't seem to care for it.