Memory Monday

I gave working out and running a full rest over the weekend which was nice for a change. I still walked, but it gave my many blisters a chance to heal. I am excited to start again today, though! A fresh week and fresh runs are awaiting. I've already done yoga, I'm currently waiting for the treadmill. Ken is using it at the moment. Getting a treadmill was the best idea. This treadmill is Mandy's, but wherever I go next I will absolutely invest in a treadmill. It is just so handy and awesome!

Tonight I'm making spaghetti for the first time in forever! Last time I had spaghetti I was trying to be a vegetarian so I made spaghetti sauce with Quorn. I don't really know what's wrong with Quorn, but for whatever reason I resented it so much and was turned off my spaghetti sauce afterwards. Weird! Maybe I was turned off by the memory of being sick at the time I cut out meat, I have no idea. I'm looking forward to spaghetti tonight though. I better run extra to make up for the amazing spaghetti calories.

I watched Footloose the other day. It was really fun. Kevin Bacon to me is Sebastian Shaw from X-Men, I had no idea he would be an amazing dancer and cool teenager in Footloose! Sarah Jessica Parker was sooo cute in the movie too! It was so fun to see her so young!

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