Lavender Obsession

I've always liked Lavender ever since my mum used to put Lavender scents under my pillow because I was a troubled sleeper. Lavender has a soothing and relaxing effect on the mind and body and after I moved I found myself very drawn to Lavender. Ken, being ultimately sweet, bought be a huge Lavender candle. Mandy, being ultimately lovely as well, gave me natural shampoo and conditioner with Lavender extracts as well as homemade Lavender soap. She also has some Lavender in her garden so she picked a few for me and tied it with a purple ribbon. Very sweet all together!!

I am extremely impressed by the all natural Colet shampoo and conditioner that I am using at the moment. I have such fine hair so it can look a little flat and no volumising shampoo in the world helps - until now. This shampoo seems to do the trick, it's amazing! In fear of running out of the shampoo I went to a health food store to get more shampoo and conditioner. They didn't have the Colet brand specifically, but they recommended the Jāsön brand. They had all sorts of natural scents and functions, but I went straight for the Lavender one, of course, and it says that it adds body to fine hair. Perfect!! Is it Lavender itself that actually add volume? I have no idea, but it is working and the scents keeps making me so happy!