Hidin' in the grass

I found these on the camera a little while ago of Monty hiding in the grass. I wonder how he is doing with his family. He's growing so fast so I also wonder how much he's grown since I saw him last.

I've been keeping up the running, but I've been running a little less because I have the biggest and sorest blisters! Running is no joke, I'm telling you. The foot with the worst blister was ever swollen after my 30 min run. It's pretty annoying. I had subway yesterday and I usually get a foot long so that I can eat half and save half for later, it's such a nice treat! I had my second half after the workout. The weather is seriously extreme here these days. It was so rainy you could hardly see straight and then sunny the next minute yesterday. It was cray!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Saturdays are the only days per week I allow myself to eat sugar and I have a few treats waiting for me, can't wait!