Night Sky

If you read yesterdays blog you know that two night ago there was a super moon and a meteor shower that and Ken and I enjoyed. Ken was trying to capture the stars and hopefully and shooting star with the camera. I, however, was playing around with the camera trying to see if I could make the stars move in the picture. While the result wasn't exactly amazing, the pictures turned out pretty... Interesting, haha! Not all the pictures were usable, the night sky is quite a tricky thing to shoot, but I thought the result was funny.

I think the first picture looks like a dinosaur monster of some sort and I don't know what the second picture looks like! The two next pictures are of the moon. I actually tried to write stuff, but failed miserably, haha! What do you think it looks like?

The last picture is the shadow of Ken and myself in the moonlight. There were no other light sources whatsoever, but the shadows were clear.