Right now I am seriously full after a super dinner. I made roasted sweet potato wedges, salmon fillet, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and a lovely salad on the side. I had a 12 inch pizza, lattes, brownies, chocolate, fries twice, fried chicken during the weekend and even some yesterday. I always need a day with very healthy meals to like, get myself into the healthy mood again and cleanse the bad stuff out.

Right now I'm freezing and shivering for some reason under a blanket and with Ken's big hoodie on. It's not even cold here so I'm hoping to god I'm just tired and not getting a fever. While packing I found my little Sex and the City collection, haha! I found the book in a second hand store for 3 euro, so lucky! It's full of fun facts and goes through every single episode from season 1-4 saying something fun and interesting about each episode.