Toats Adorbs

After, finally, some good rainy days we apparently can look forward to another heatwave. The animals seems to be very OK with it! Monty is here for one more week, he is so cute. I'm going to miss him loads, but it's going to be a huge relief when he goes as well. Someone needs to watch him all the time so that means early mornings while Mandy is working. Last week Ken and I took turns getting up at 8.15, this week it's before 7! Ouch!

I've heard that early mornings are the key to success so maybe I'll be more successful all of a sudden, although I doubt that's how it works. In a way I am more successful, though, because I keep up my running 5 days per week, yoga everyday, cooking and blogging everyday too. I did all the other things before apart from running so I am successful when it comes to that, haha! I also like longer days because I still eat dinner in the evening and I always say that if I have stuff to do it better be before dinner or else I won't do it. After dinner I like, reading, browsing pinterest, write a nice blogpost and so on. So my days are really longer because I have a lot more hours to do anything productive.