Memory Monday

Today I ran for 14 minutes which is my new record, my previous record is 12. Gettn' there! I also did yoga, day 101, and I'm feeling good. I basically spent one hour and forty minutes just on the treadmill and doing yoga. Thank god I could just do it all together in one go because I am so tired today and I don't have to worry about the fact that I should do yoga later. I can just stay in a state of half asleep for the rest of the day.

I'm making a new recipe later that I love which is basically just rice and chicken. It's soooo delicious, though. I better take some pictures and share the recipe on the blog. It's so easy and good.

We are watching a Great Dane puppy for two weeks while the owner is on vacation in Tunisia. He is the most adorable thing, he is pretty skinny, but has huge paws and is even clumsier than I am. Right now he is lying on me snoring louder than an old man. It's like he has two modes: deep asleep and hyper and very destructive. He's so bold at times!

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