I just finished the Epilogue of The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho. Ah, what a book it was. It was odd that it wasn't fiction, it was a non novel novel. It felt like a novel, but it wasn't! It was about Paulo Coelho's pilgrimage to Santiago de Compstela. It was very interesting and I felt like I got plenty out of it, I always appreciate his honesty. I enjoy Paulo Coelho books so much that I don't check reviews, as long as I see that it's written by Paulo Coelho I just get it and look forward to the great read I'm about to have. Next I'm reading Like The Flowing River. I haven't started yet because I'm still in the other book in my head.

Saturday has arrived which means I had chocolate for breakfast ans so far carrot cake for lunch. I have the biggest blister under my foot and it's so painful, I'm going to give it a chance to heal so I'm not running for the next two days. It's like a real weekend. Tomorrow Mandy wants to cook so it's literally the day of rest. Today however I am cooking a big pork roast which will be devine.

The painting below I spotted somewhere online and I saved it because I thought it was absolutely beautiful. It's now my cover photo on face and background photo on my mac.

I took a bunch of photos that I liked, but I imported them on my computer yesterday and my entire computer froze. That happened only once before after shooting a maxi dress and it turned out that some of the photos were corrupt and I couldn't use them. It makes me so sad that it might be the case with the latest photos. I don't understand how that can happen, I don't do anything differently with the photos I take. The more annoying part is the fact that the pictures are in my 'Pictures' folder where all my other pictures are stored. Whenever I open the folder my entire computer freezes and doesn't unfreeze and I'll have to delete the pictures somehow so I might have to delete the entire folder which means that I'll loose lots and lots of photos. Lots of them are backed up, but the photos from the past few weeks are not so that's very sad! Does anyone out there have a solution to this?