The butterfly with the broken wing

29 days until I leave for Portugal. I have one of those countdown apps and I keep an close eye on it. I can not wait!

It was so hard to get out of bed this morning! It was so warm and cozy and I could hear the rain outside being heavy. Today I'm not running so I can take it easy and rest up and just walk a little.

Although it was raining this morning the sun is again shining. Ooooh, I spoke too soon, it's now lashing, haha!

I've been sad to hear about Robin Williams. I didn't know him that well although I really loved Good Will Hunting and just saw him in a hilarious movie as a transvestite. It's just been so crazy to see all the people who has been touched by his work. I can't remember ever having seen this big of a reaction to a celebrity death. He was so loved!! Rest in peace Robin Williams.