Montgomery Barnes

Alright, so his real name is Monty, but I call him Montgomery Barnes. Especially when he's been bold.

He belongs to one of Mandy's closest friend, Bernie, who is on vacation for two weeks. Today is the first day gone by without any "accidents". All the other days he has been doing his business on the floor inside! He's also chewing everything and chasing Evie. He basically sleeps for half of the day and walks around ready to be destructive the other half which keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. When he sleeps he snores so loud. He grows at an extraordinary speed, I saw him first a little over a week ago then when he came back here about 3 days ago to stay for two weeks he had already grown. He even looks bigger now than he did when he came here. There must be, like, growth hormones in his food, haha!

He is gorgeous nonetheless. He is going to grow up to be one of those enormous dogs. He reminds me of Hagrid's dog in Harry Potter sometimes. I wonder if he's a Great Dane too.