How I spend my evenings

I have not worn make-up for a week. That pretty much sums it up!

All I do is run, yoga, walk cook, read, blog and repeat the next day. Right now that seems to be all I need. What I like so much about Wexford is that they are completely on board with the healthy and organic eating trend. Waaay more than Dublin is. There are health food stores everywhere and they have butchers, fresh fish stores and farm stores where they sell locally grown fruit and vegetables. I love it so much. The typical eating habit here in Ireland is pretty bad, have you seen what an Irish breakfast look like? I gag just thinking about it. It's the same as an English breakfast, but they claim it's Irish.

I haven't finished the crate of wine I got from Barefood Wine yet. I enjoy a few glasses on my own from time to time while reading books.

You know they way I decided to give up sugar while I was here? I've made it very well through over one and a half week, but I ordered dark chocolate 70% and 85% that I will eat on Saturday. I know, I'm WILD! I just miss my little snacks and since I've gone a while now without any it just would be nice to have a little bit. I've even tried sugarless chocolate only sweetened with natural fruit sugar. It was good, but I could only find it in Wexford town and I don't fancy a trip in there at the moment. I seriously have to have siesta, it's so warm during the day, haha! The way it is right now, it's lovely and all, but I can't wait for some rain and for the weather to be a little bit cooler. I'm getting a good tan, though :)