Happy Belated Birthday To Ken And Moving Day Is Over

I decided not to blog for the last two days because 17th was Ken's birthday and 18th was moving day. On Ken's birthday I didn't even do yoga, he had my full attention the entire day and we had the best time! We were out almost the whole day and only went home to have a huge pizza with Ken's dad. It was so delish!

I also spent some time packing little stuff and sealing some boxes getting ready for the 18th. When the 18th came around Ken had an early photography job at a shopping center. Wanting to know what a shopping center is like before it opens had be come with him. It wasn't that special.. Haha! There were still people around, lights on, music playing and the stores were getting ready to open.

On the moving day the van came at a little before 2 o'clock and we finished loading it at 4. We spent less time unloading it and we tidied everything today. I'm the tiredest in the world today somehow, I randomly fell asleep on the couch earlier and everything!

Now, I just wanted to say hi and say happy belated birthday to my man <3 You're awesome!