Where To Get The Best Sushi In Dublin

This is a charming little place. It doesn't look like much from the outside at all and it's not located on a trendy or popular road, but what you get inside never fails to impress.

It was actually my friend, Fiona, who showed me the place first only a few months later we moved in right around the corner, it took us 2 minutes to walk to this place! When you get there you immediately get a small cup of green tea for free. Their sushi itself is of perfect quality which is so important to me when I eat at a restaurant. According to their website they use fresh stuff every single hour and considering all of this their prices are really good! The sushi you see in the pictures we got for takeaway, but when you get it served in the restaurant it's served on cute wooden bridges and plates. It's lovely.

The place is very small and just as amazing as it sounds. When I first started eating there not that many people knew of it, but word must have traveled fast and now it's almost always full so I would recommend that you call ahead for an reservation. If you are visiting Dublin or live there, please do yourself a favor and just go and have some sushi at Musashi!