Ken's Edit

Considering Ken and I are moving away next Friday we are hanging out with the roomates today to kind of say goodbye. It's not the last time we see them, but like, I don't know what else to call it. Our last outing together. We are going to take a look around at a street performance festival that is apparently in town. Afterwards we are having dinner together.

It makes me sad to think about it, I can't stand goodbyes, but it will be OK, we are of course seeing each other during the week and we'll always be in touch.

I getting more and more to terms with the idea of leaving Dublin only for a little while because it means our long vacation is much closer and things like that, but I still get so sad when I think about actually leaving.

Ah, I have got to talk about nicer things that doesn't bum me out. Ken edited these pictures playing around with different things. In the last picture there were more people around me that he somehow edited out. It's amazing what you can do with Photoshop. I only use Photoshop to enhance colours, reduce shadows and make collages and things like that, I don't know how to do more advanced things at all.

I made the two latest collages on my Dial EM for Fashion section in Phototshop. I think I did a pretty decent job! I made those collages for the company Sheinside, speaking of, and they want to see that I bring them traffic to their page so if you could go on those blogposts and click the links to the dresses, bikinis so they see that the views come from me that would be great!