A Suspicious Sniff

Hey! The weather has been amazing today and I got to do something super cool. Our room mates, Phil and Joanne, told us about this huge Spanish ship that was, like, one of the biggest in the world or something. I'll show you lots of pictures, probably tomorrow. It was beautiful!

There was a pigeon on the roof across from where I was sitting and we were exchanging filthy looks at each other. I got the funniest picture of it, though! You'll see it underneath, it made me giggle so much! You'll also see the brick building in our street that I find so pretty! It's a bike repair place and they do repair bikes, but apparently a police car came there once yelling at them that they believed there was illegal stuff going on and wanted to come in. They actually refused to let them in so the police had to go somewhere to get a warrant. I have no idea what happened after that, but I am convinced they're selling crack! I was thinking I should maybe hang up some shoes over the place to help them out. I'd find that just so exciting!!