Phone Snaps

I decided to include some phone snaps over the last few weeks on tonight's post.

As you may know Ken and I are moving, it's happening 19th of July so we decided to start packing 1st of July. That didn't happen.. Now it's 2nd of July and to pack is pretty much the last thing I want to do. I know I still have plenty of time, but I'd like to take it easy and do it slowly and get there with time to spare so when moving day comes we can just load up the truck and get going. Ugh, just typing it makes me nauseous, I'm not too keen on moving.

On a brighter note, after I ate at the Thunder Road café here in town a while back and had their Mississippi mud pie I've been craving it again ever since. Today I finally got it! Yay! It was as delicious as I remembered! All the fuss that has been about Gay Pride seems to have died down and replaced with World Cup fuss. Personally I'm not following the world cup, I actually don't know if Norway is in it and the way I understand it Ireland is definitely not in it. I'm still curious who's gonna win, but I can't really decide who to root for.