Memory Monday

Yay, I am remembering Memory Monday!

Today is looking like it's going to turn out to be an amazing day. The sun is shining already and it's a fresh week! I'm currently researching external hard drives. I have one that I share with Ken, but it is full and I want one on my own.

Do you know when you know you have to do laundry, but you don't do it for days because you have to fold the old laundry and there is a million things you'd rather do? That's been me for the last forever. Yesterday I finally got around to fold the old laundry, put on new laundry, hoover all the floors, clean the bathtub, tidy the entire bed room and living room. Afterwards I felt so accomplished that I did some super hard strength yoga and relaxed more happily than I have in days. I always think it's funny how being productive makes you more productive.

Now, I'm about to enjoy this day to it's fullest so if you need me you'll find me there.

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