The other day I really fancied hot chocolate, I remembered a family member I haven't seen in yeeeaaars taught me how to make it when I was young. I did have raw cocoa powder, sugar and milk in my press so I decided to do my best with my memory and my goodness, it's awesome to have a great memory! It was so delicious!! It was rainy outside and even though it's in the middle of summer it felt nice to curl up in my blanket, watch something amazing and drink homemade hot chocolate. Things are always so much tastier homemade, I'm definitely never buying ready made hot chocolate again!

Right now I'm sitting inside listening to the nightlife slowly getting louder. I love listening to it. Earlier I walked by the hotel next door and there was a huge bunch of girls singing outside it. The hotel is where most bands stay when they come to Dublin actually. I attended a great after party there myself a few years back. Anyway, all the girls was there to see Cody Simpsons this time. I knew of him, but when we googled him we found out that he was born in 1997! How can someone born 5 years after me already have a career!! Haha! Of course I don't mean that in a negative way, I'm sure everyone has those moments!