Different Types of Beauty Worldwide

I love things like these. It's getting very popular, but I decided to write about it because I would really appreciate it if someone told me about this. This is just so up my alley!

I just got up to the sound of loud music and looked out the window to see lots of rainbow coloured baloons. Today is the start of gay pride weekend and so they are closing of the street I live in to celebrate. Like I've told you before THE gay bar, Pantibar, is right on the corner of where I live so they are hosting a party in the entire street. They even have extra toilets right outside our door which I was thinking would come in very handy because Ken always needs to pee right when we leave the house and forgets to do so! So handy, gay pride parties should be everyday! I'll take some pictures of it all and show you later, hopefully I will be joining the party at some point later :)

You can find the article with all the photos from the different countries here.