The Great Gatsby

A little while ago I finished reading The Great Gatsby. I was mad at the ending and it was hard for me to get into the book properly the entire way because I didn't feel like I could relate to Nick, the main character, at all. I thought he was very negative and very disapproving of Gatsby. Gatsby was such an interesting and peculiar character so I couldn't understand why Nick wasn't more interested in him and kept getting annoyed with him. Gatsby was glamorous, interesting, had a crazy past, had famous and important friends, held amazing, huge parties and so on, yet Nick kept being uninterested, disproving, annoyed and seemed like he didn't really get it.

All I knew was that I really wanted to see the movie that came out recently about it. I heard Baz Luhrmann made it which, alone, makes me really want to watch it. I thought the movie was a piece of art! They had reduced all of Nicks negativity, which was the only bad thing about the book to begin with, so I was glad to see that. They didn't change him, they just reduced all the judgement he had for Gatsby and his friends which was perfect. Other than that the movie was really, really true to the book which I really loved. All the best parts were in it. The movie was visually so amazing and perfectly artistic like only Baz Luhrmann can do.

It's definitely one of those movies I'll see over and over and show all my friends who haven't seen it. The fashion alone was outstanding and the whole experience was kind of just beautiful, yet sad and heartbreaking like beauty often is. You have to watch it, I'm telling you!