The Freshest of Lunches

I went to see A Million Ways To Die In The West yesterday which was really good. It was very typical Seth McFarlane which is very on the edge for me because I don't really love those extreme fart jokes and stuff, but I really enjoyed it. I had a good few laughs and Charlize Theron was gorgeous in it, that's always a plus!

When I came home after the movie I, for whatever reason, started tidying and didn't finish before 1 in the morning when I just collapsed in bed. It feels GOOOOOOOOOD to have that done, it was pretty messy! Now I've finished my breakfast and I'm about to hoover and do some yoga! I included a photo of a lunch I had the other day at Gourmet Cafe in Dun Loaghaire. It was so fresh looking!

I was actually there to get my phone screen replaced. Maybe you remember my little story about dropping my phone in the toilet? Yeah, it got worse. I brought it to a place to get it fixed and it took forever, when I got it back it was worse than ever. It was like throwing money out the window. I went to my good old Paddy in Dun Loughaire who does it fast and cheap. I've gone to him so many times, he's just the best! He fixed it flawlessly as usual :)